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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Sep 6, 2012 8:58pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: A few more completely lost TV series, and a 1958 series I recommend getting on DVD

These are some shows by defunct British broadcaster ABC Weekend Television that seem to be completely missing from the archives:
Inside Story (1960, Drama)
Target Luna (1960, Sci-fi)
Plateau of Fear (1961. Sci-fi)
Comedy Bandbox (1962-1966, Variety)
David Nixon's Comedy Bandbox (1966, Variety)
Saturday Bandbox (1962, Variety)
Best of Friends (1963, Comedy)
Emerald Soup (1963, Sci-Fi)
Life and Al Read (1963, Comedy)
Intrigue (1966, Drama)
The Forgotten Door (1966, Children's)
The Present Stage (1966, ???)
Vacant Lot (1967, Comedy)
Sat'day While Sunday (1967, Drama)
The Pilgrim's Progress (1967, Drama)

I've added the keyword "lost-tv-series" to their IMDb pages and noted their status in their trivia section...should come up on the pages in the next few days.

On a more positive note, recently watched the first season of a 1958 British sitcom called "The Larkins". Based on that season, it is a pretty good show, though the sound quality is a little bit dodgy. The series survives complete. Anyone who has a DVD player that can play UK DVDs and has an interest in 1950s comedy is recommended to check it out. Do note that, being a British series, the season is pretty short (7 episodes).